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IMEs, WRMEs, Surgery & Treatment

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In Oregon, much like in other states, injured workers are required by law to submit to an independent medical examination, or IME. The purpose of these exams, ostensibly, is to provide injured individuals with medical care for their injuries. IMEs are paid for by the worker’s employer’s insurance company and are conducted by medical professionals who are selected by the employer.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied due to the findings of an IME, you have the right to file a worker-requested medical examination, or WRME. This essentially allows you to seek a second or third opinion from a different medical provider to either prove that your injuries are work-related or to confirm the severity of your work-related injuries.

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IMEs, WRMEs & Your Rights

When an individual is injured on the job or while conducting work-related duties involved in the scope of his/her employment in Oregon, he/she is entitled to recover benefits through his/her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. In order to obtain these benefits, the injured worker will need to attend at least one independent medical examination. Currently, employers can only require injured workers to attend up to three IMEs. Failure by the injured employee to attend all required IMEs can result in his/her workers’ compensation claim being denied.

In regards to IMEs in Oregon, it is important to understand your rights. These include:

  • You are only required to attend up to three IMEs for each open period of a workers’ compensation claim
  • You do not have to submit to invasive procedures (such as surgery); such procedures can only be performed with your consent
  • Your workers’ compensation claim cannot be denied or benefits stopped on the basis of you refusing an invasive procedure
  • You do not have to pay for any portion of the cost of any IME; your employer’s insurance provider must cover all IME costs

Once all required IMEs have concluded, the independent medical practitioner(s) will provide a report of your injuries/condition to the insurance provider. If this is report is then used by the insurance provider to deny your workers’ compensation claim, you may appeal the denial by submitting a WRME form with the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division. You must do this within 60 days of receiving notice that your claim has been denied.

If your WRME is granted, you will attend a medical examination with a doctor selected by the Workers’ Compensation Division. The insurance provider is, again, responsible for the costs associated with your WRME.

Getting Treatment for Your Work-Related Injuries

When you are injured at work or while on the job, it is very important that you focus on receiving proper medical treatment. You should not let concerns regarding paying for this treatment stop you from seeking medical attention for your injuries. In most cases, your employer/employer’s insurance provider is responsible for providing compensation for all your medical expenses after a work-related injury, including surgery costs.

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